Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shaq Attack

This one is going out to Makkaio. I don't have a Wordpress account, so I can't comment on your recent post. I'm here to say that I'm with you. Shaquille O'Neal is a grade-A ass. What sucks is that a lot of sports journalists give him a free pass on just about every time he publicly sticks his foot in his mouth. People say he's a goof, a big lovable guy, they quote him all the time. Are the sports journalists so desperate for a personality that they've made something more than what exists here?

It doubly sucks that the journalists openly wonder if Kobe is going to hit back then fill in their own answer that he can't or won't unless he gets a title without Shaq. All of these fellas remind me of the most obnoxious college dorm guys who followed sports and went with the majority rule, no matter what. You know, the Yankee/Duke/Cowboys/Bulls fan?

These guys want Shaq to be the same thing he was six years ago and are sinking with the ship. In my humble opinion, Shaq:
  1. Loves to take credit for a championship when the team helped him get there.
  2. Is not as dominant as everyone would have you believe.
  3. Is a petulant man-child (I know this because I'm one too at times.)
  4. Should shut the "f" up and actually stick with a team for awhile before jumping ship to what he perceives as the next great thing.
  5. Should look in the mirror the next time he wants to criticize someone.
I couldn't be happier that Shaq's short stint in Phoenix (mid-season!) resulted in nothing. I feel a little bad for Steve Nash, because he had no control over how his team traded.

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Makkaio said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm actually not in the Word Press network. I just use Word Press as my blog software on my own domain. If you signed up on my blog to comment, your account would just be with my site. It's a very easy process at that!