Saturday, February 26, 2011

Entertainments Of The Week (February 27)

No damn car accident was going to keep me from my media. Damn it. It was an entertaining week even WITHOUT watching Thursday's NBC sitcoms.


  • Archer - The eponymous ISIS agent adjusted to his new role as baby-daddy to bastard son, Seamus. A variety of cocktails kept the infant sedated while Archer's butler, Woodhouse, got his own spotlight. Seems that Archer's man Friday made a pact with a few other servicemen during the Great War that is turning deadly. After the prior week's, mostly one location plot in the South, it was nice to see more wrap-around scenes back at HQ. I can always go for more Pam and Dr. Krieger.
  • Odd Future - Though it actually aired two weeks ago, this hip-hop collective made its debut on Fallon in a memorable fashion. Ski-masks, costume changes, garden gnomes, Zombie girl in a hospital gown and Tuba Gooding Jr. made a lasting impression on me when I finally watched it on the old DVR this week. I haven't been this excited about a new artist since the kid plant at the NBA Slam Dunk competition last weekend.

  • Full House - My kids have discovered this show and watch it from time to time. While working from the home office I overheard audio from a talent-show themed episode. The attention-starved and soon-to-be drug addled Stephanie performed her own Karaoke version of what Uncle Jessie introduced as "Love Shack Baby". Another notch in the arrow for the Miller-Boyett Crap Factory's cribbing from popular culture without giving props to the original artists. (See Beavis and Butthead on "Step By Step"). Hey, it may be crap, but it's ABC's crap. After all, they practically own the patent on talent show episodes of their sitcoms. Anyone remember the Shotz Talent Show or "What's Happening"'s Little Earl ripping off Steve Martin's act? No. Well, I do. And it is a burden I'll have to carry for the rest of my life.