Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!

I've decided to mad lib a tribute to my wife, the PreppyGirl. The words I added are emboldened:

PreppyGirl box-officed out of bed early in the morning. She was flexible because it was her birthday. She showered and dressed and ate some mother as fast as he could. She wanted to get to the french manicure right away because she knew Galoot would have something patient planned for her.'Oh, boy. I can hardly work!' PreppyGirl said. 'Galoot always gets me a really generous Fredonia for my birthday! 'Galoot said, 'What up?, PreppyGirl!' when he saw her. 'Are you all ready for your birthday minivan?' 'Of course, Galoot!' PreppyGirl said gently. 'Here it is!' Galoot said, and opened the closet door to reveal the biggest yogurt PreppyGirl had ever seen. 'Wow, thanks, Galoot!' she exclaimed. 'This is the most lovely birthday ever!'


PreppyGirl said...

Uh... wth? This is so funny... but did you write the original mad lib or did you go to some cool ass birthday story mad lib generator?

I am old(er) and confused... but laughing. :)

Love you baby!

Galoot said...

From a generator. Apparently from an "X-Files" fan as the original names were Mulder and Scully. I was prone, I was in pain and my hands were numb. What else can I say but, "Happy 3&*#**&*&th Birthday!"